Online reviews have become a huge part of how businesses operate in today’s world. A few negative reviews, whether legitimate or not, can greatly impact a business’s reputation and success. Google is one of the most used review platforms on the internet, and for business owners, removing a negative review from the platform can be crucial. In this article, we will discuss the process of removing a Google review from your business listing and the steps that you must take to do so.

Why are Google Reviews Important?

Google Reviews are crucial for businesses, as they can significantly impact a business’s online reputation. These reviews show up in Google search results, Google Maps, and on a business’s Google Local page. Potential customers read these reviews before making a buying decision, and if a business has a poor rating or negative reviews, it can cause potential customers to take their business elsewhere. On the other hand, a high rating can make a business stand out from its competitors and increase sales.

How to Remove a Google Review from Your Business

Before we dive into the process of removing a Google review, there are a few things that you should know. Firstly, Google guidelines state that businesses cannot remove legitimate reviews, even if they are negative. Secondly, only the person who posted the review, or Google, can remove a review. This means that businesses are unable to remove reviews themselves. However, there are certain circumstances in which a review may be removed by the reviewer or Google.

Circumstances under Which a Review can be Removed

There are several circumstances under which a review can be removed, but they are very specific. These include:

  • The review violates Google’s review policies
  • The review is fake or spam
  • The reviewer was never a customer of the business
  • The review contains personal or confidential information

It’s important to note that if a review doesn’t violate any of these policies, it is considered legitimate and cannot be removed. Now that we’ve covered the circumstances under which a review can be removed, let’s move onto the steps that you can take to try and remove a review.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing a Google Review

If you come across a review that violates Google’s policies, you can flag it for removal using the Google My Business platform. Follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Google My Business
  • Click on “Reviews” from the menu
  • Find the review that you want to flag for removal and click on the three-dot menu on the right-hand side
  • Click on “Flag as inappropriate” and select the reason why you want to flag the review
  • Click “Submit”

Once you have flagged the review, Google will review it to determine if it violates its policies. If it does, the review will be removed. If it doesn’t, the review will remain on your business listing.

What to do if you can’t Remove the Review

If you can’t remove the review, there are still steps that you can take to mitigate the damage of a negative review. Firstly, it’s important to respond to the review in a professional and courteous manner. Acknowledge the reviewer’s concerns and offer a solution or apology if necessary. This shows potential customers that you care about customer service and are willing to make things right. Additionally, encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews can help balance out any negative reviews on your listing.


While it may be tempting to try and remove a negative review from your business listing, it’s important to remember that only certain circumstances warrant review removal. Even if you can’t remove a negative review, responding professionally and encouraging positive reviews can help mitigate the impact of negative feedback on your business’s reputation. Maintaining a positive online presence is crucial in today’s world, and Google reviews are a significant part of that.

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