10 Easy Steps: Remove Air from Above Ground Pool Pump Effortlessly

Welcome to our blog post on how to remove air from above ground pool pump. If you own an above ground pool, you may have encountered the issue of air getting trapped in the pool pump. This can lead to inefficiency and potential damage if not addressed promptly. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to effectively remove air from your above ground pool pump and keep it running smoothly.

Why Air Gets Trapped in the Pool Pump

Air can enter the pool pump for various reasons, including:

  • Air leaks in the suction line
  • Improper priming of the pump
  • Clogged or dirty pool filter
  • Cracked or loose fittings
  • Low water level in the pool

Detecting Air in the Pump

Before moving on to the steps of removing air from your above ground pool pump, it is essential to identify whether air is indeed present in the system. Look out for the following signs:

  • Unusual noises coming from the pump
  • Reduced water flow or weak suction
  • Air bubbles visible through the pump’s transparent cover or return jets

Steps to Remove Air from Above Ground Pool Pump

Now that you have confirmed the presence of air in your pool pump, follow these steps to remove it:

Step 1: Turn Off the Pump

Begin by turning off the pool pump. This prevents any potential damage and ensures your safety while working on the pump.

Step 2: Identify and Fix Any Leaks

Inspect the suction line, pump lid, and fittings for any visible leaks. Even a small leak can introduce air into the system. Use a sealant or replace faulty parts to seal any leaks you find.

Step 3: Check and Clean the Pool Filter

A clogged or dirty pool filter can contribute to air trapping. Remove the filter and clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help improve water flow and prevent air from being pulled into the pump.

Step 4: Prime the Pump

Properly priming the pump ensures that it is filled with water completely, minimizing the chances of air entering the system. Fill the pump with water either by using the built-in priming feature or manually pouring water into the pump housing.

Step 5: Open Air Release Valve (If Available)

Some pool pumps have an air release valve specifically designed to remove air from the system. If your pump has one, open the valve temporarily to release any trapped air. Close it once water starts flowing steadily.

Step 6: Restart the Pump

After performing the above steps, it’s time to restart your above ground pool pump. Allow it to run for a few minutes and check for any signs of air bubbles or unusual noises. If the issue persists, consider repeating the steps or seeking professional assistance.

Preventing Air from Entering the Pool Pump

To minimize the chances of air getting trapped in your above ground pool pump in the future, consider implementing the following preventive measures:

  • Regularly check the suction line, fittings, and pump lid for leaks and fix them promptly
  • Maintain a proper water level in the pool to ensure the pump doesn’t draw in air
  • Clean or replace the pool filter as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper pump priming

By following these steps and taking preventive measures, you can effectively remove air from your above ground pool pump and maintain its optimal performance. Remember, a well-functioning pool pump ensures crystal clear water and a delightful swimming experience!

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