Effortlessly Remove Animal from Dryer Vent with These Effective Tips

It’s common for wild animals to seek shelter in or around residential buildings. One of the top areas of a home that critters can enter is through the dryer vent. Faulty or old dryer vents become an open gate for various animals. In most cases, if you find yourself with an animal sheltering inside your dryer vent, the most common option is to seek assistance from a professional pest control company.

Signs that an animal is dwelling in your dryer vent

Before you can make a move to remove the animal from your dryer vent, you must first identify that there is an animal present in the vent. The following signs could suggest that an animal is dwelling in your dryer vent:

  • If you observe strange noises coming from your dryer vent, especially at night
  • Observe the movement of an animal entering or exiting the dryer vent
  • If there is a lingering smell coming from your dryer vent, it could be a sign of urine or droppings

The dangers of an animal living inside your dryer vent

It’s crucial to move fast in addressing the issue of an animal in the dryer vent. Animals such as birds and squirrels are known to build nests in dryer vents. The situation could cause a clog that could leak into your home, not to mention the risk of a fire hazard. The build-up of lint in dryer vents creates the perfect canvas for the animals to start building their homes. It’s essential to address this issue a deterrent for wildfire incidents in your home.

DIY method to remove animal from dryer vent

While it’s not advisable to take the DIY option, it’s still an option worth mentioning. That said, the following steps will teach you how to remove the animal from the dryer vent:

  1. Shut off the dryer and ensure that your dryer vent has been unplugged from the main power supply
  2. Open the cover cage cover by unscrewing it from the exterior
  3. Gently insert an LED light into the dryer vent to assess the type of animal inside and how comfortable they seem
  4. Next, set up the trap according to the type of animal you want to remove from the dryer vent
  5. After setting up the trap, leave it inside the dryer vent with food bait inside for the animal to get lured in by the scent and then trapped inside
  6. The trap should catch the animal securely, making it easy to remove from the vent and transfer safely into a new locale at least five to ten miles from your home

Why you should seek a professional

While DIY measures may seem like a choice many may want to consider, professional assistance is still crucial. Below are reasons why you should seek a professional to get the animal removed from your dryer vent:

  • Professional pest control companies have trained personnel with years of experience
  • Professional service providers have insurance to cover any damages or injuries
  • Experts will follow safe and humane methods that cause minimal harm to the animal and human safety
  • Professionals will perform aftercare to remove any debris from the vent and ensure your dryer vent is functioning optimally

What to expect from a professional animal removal service

Once you have requested a professional to remove the animal from your dryer vent, there are several things that you should expect from their services. The following includes:

  • The service provider will locate the animal and determine the extent of the damage they have already caused.
  • They will set up traps that are safe for the animal and then remove them efficiently with the least amount of disturbance
  • They will carry out a thorough inspection of the dryer vent and any other areas of your home to ensure that no other wild animals have infiltrated your space
  • After the service, they will offer advice on how best to prevent future animal camping inside your dryer vent

It’s a startling situation that happens to many households, especially those living close to trees and bushes, that animals find their way to dryer vents. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to stay alert and contact a professional pest removal service. However, if you decide to take the DIY approach, ensure that you have researched thoroughly on the methods that you want to use and that there are no other animals trapped inside the vent before trapping one animal. It is always better to stay safe and work with professionals who will guarantee speedy and safe service for you and the animal.

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