Arctic foxes are majestic creatures that are native to the harsh, cold climate of the Arctic. However, they can cause trouble when they wander into human settlements in search of food and shelter. If you’re facing this problem, it’s critical to remove them from your property safely and humanely. In this article, we’ll discuss how to remove arctic foxes and the tools you’ll need to make the process smoother.

Identifying Arctic Foxes

Before talking about removing them, it’s essential to identify Arctic foxes first. They are small-to-medium-sized mammals that are lightweight and have short legs. These animals have a bushy tail that’s commonly used for balance in the snow. They have a thick, white coat that can change color to match their surroundings in winter, and they may have black-tipped ears and paws. They are timid creatures and are often seen at dawn and dusk.

Dangers of Arctic Foxes

If you’re living in a rural area, the chance of having arctic foxes wandering around your property are high. While they might seem harmless, they can pose a significant threat to your pets and property. These creatures are known to prey on small animals like rodents, rabbits, birds, and even chickens and geese. If you have a farm where you keep poultry and livestock, the arctic fox can easily become a nuisance, as they might kill or injure your livestock. In addition to preying on small animals, they also have a habit of digging holes, which can destabilize the terrain on your property.

How to Remove Arctic Foxes

When it comes to removing arctic foxes, you have two options: you can either remove them physically or scare them away. Scaring them away is the humane option, and it’s easier than attempting to trap them physically. One great way to scare the fox away is by using a noisemaker. You can use a bell, a whistle, or a horn to scare the fox, and it will eventually flee from your property. Another way to scare them away is by using a predator scent, which is sold in various home improvement stores. Sprinkle the predator scent around your property, and the arctic fox will most likely stay away from your home.

If you decide to physically remove the arctic fox, you might need to invest in a live trap. A live trap is a humane and safe way of trapping an animal without hurting them. Before using the trap, make sure to place some bait such as meat or vegetables at the end of the trap. Place the trap in a quiet place near the spot where the fox frequently comes, wait for the trap to catch the fox, and take it away from your property as quickly as possible.

Preventing Future Arctic Fox Infestations

After removing the arctic foxes from your property, you need to take steps to prevent a future infestation. The first step to take is to close all entry points; Arctic foxes are known to enter through small gaps or holes in fences or walls. Look for gaps around windows, doors, or vents, and seal them to prevent future infestations. Store your trash cans and pet food inside the house to prevent the arctic fox from coming in search of food. Keep the area around your house clean and tidy, as the arctic fox tends to dig holes in poorly maintained areas.

Removing an arctic fox from your property can be a daunting task, but it can be done safely and humanely. Use noisemakers or predator scent to scare them away or invest in a live trap to physically remove them. After removing them, take steps to prevent a future infestation by sealing all entry points, storing your trash cans and pet food inside, and keeping your property clean and tidy. By doing so, you’ll prevent the arctic foxes from becoming a problem for you and your property.

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