Easy Tips to Remove CS:GO Bots

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO is a popular first-person shooter game played by millions of players across the world. The game is known for its competitive multiplayer mode, where players join teams to complete objectives against the opposing team. However, one issue that players face while playing the game is the presence of bots. Bots can ruin the gameplay experience, and players often want to remove them. In this guide, we will discuss how to remove bots in CS:GO.

What are bots in CS:GO?

In CS:GO, bots are computer-controlled players that can be added to the game if there are not enough real players. These bots are programmed to perform basic functions, such as guarding a specific area, following a player, or rushing. While having bots in the game can be helpful, they can also ruin the gameplay experience if not controlled properly. Bots can be frustrating to play with as they do not have the same skill level as real players, and they can make it difficult for players to coordinate and win the game.

Why remove bots in CS:GO?

There are several reasons why players want to remove bots in CS:GO. As mentioned earlier, bots can ruin the gameplay experience by not behaving like real players. They can be unpredictable, and their lack of communication can make it hard to strategize. Moreover, if a bot is assigned to a player’s team, it can lower the team’s skill level and lead to defeat. Additionally, bots can be annoying because they can interfere with the player’s aim and block their path.

How to remove bots in CS:GO?

The process of removing bots in CS:GO is relatively simple and can be done in a few steps. First, players need to access the game console, which can be opened by pressing the tilde key (~). Once the console is open, players need to type the command “bot_kick” followed by a space and the number of bots they want to remove. For instance, if players want to remove three bots, they should type “bot_kick 3”. Press the enter key to execute the command, and the bots will be removed from the game.

Alternatively, players can remove the bots using the game’s menu. To do this, players need to press the escape key to access the menu and select the “kick bots” option. This option will remove all bots from the game.

Preventing bots from joining CS:GO games

While removing the bots from a game can be helpful, players may want to prevent bots from joining games altogether. To do this, players can use the command “bot_quota 0” in the console. This command will prevent any bots from joining the game, and players can only play against real players. Alternatively, players can use the lobby settings in the game’s menu to adjust the bot quota and the maximum number of players allowed in the game.

When should you play with bots in CS:GO?

While bots can be frustrating to play with, they can also be helpful, especially for new players. Playing with bots can help players learn the game mechanics and develop their skills before joining real matches. Players can adjust the bot’s difficulty level in the game’s options to make the game challenging but not too difficult. Additionally, players can play with bots if they do not have enough real players to start a match, as bots can be used to fill in the empty spots.


removing bots in CS:GO is an easy process that players can do using the game console or the game’s menu. While bots can be frustrating to play with, they can also be helpful, especially for new players. However, if players want to prevent bots from joining the game, they can use the “bot_quota 0” command or adjust the lobby settings.

Overall, players should balance playing with bots and real players to enjoy the game to its fullest.

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