Effortlessly Remove Casing from Sausage with These Tips

Are you planning to cook some delicious sausage but struggling to remove the casing? Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article, you will learn how to remove the casing from sausage easily and efficiently. While it may seem like a daunting task, removing the casing is simpler than it appears. By following a few simple steps, you can have perfectly prepared sausage for your meal.

Understand the Casing

Before we delve into the process of removing the casing from sausage, it is essential to understand the casing itself. Sausages typically come with two types of casings: natural and artificial. Natural casings are derived from animal intestines, while artificial casings are made from collagen and other materials.

The type of casing used can significantly influence the preparation method of sausage. Artificial casings are generally easier to remove than natural casings, which require a slightly more delicate approach. Understanding the type of casing used will prepare you better for the task at hand.

Boil the Sausage

One of the easiest ways to remove the casing from sausage is by boiling it. Boiling sausage can also ensure that the meat inside is cooked evenly. Start by bringing a pot of water to a boil and add the uncooked sausages.

Allow the sausages to boil for approximately 5-6 minutes. Once they start to float, remove them from the water with a pair of tongs. This method helps loosen the casing, making it easier to remove.

Peel the Casing

After boiling, the casing should easily peel away from the sausage meat. If the sausage is still too hot to handle, let it cool for a few moments or rinse it under cold water. Then, use a sharp knife to carefully puncture the casing.

Gently pull away the casing from the sausage meat, taking care not to damage the meat inside. Begin peeling from one end to the other. If the casing tears, try to reposition it and continue pulling.

Freeze the Sausage

If you prefer grilling or pan-frying sausage, another trick to remove the casing is freezing them. Freezing the sausage makes the casing brittle, which makes it easier to remove.

Place the sausages in the freezer for at least an hour, but ideally overnight. Once they are frozen, take them out of the freezer and let them thaw for around 30 minutes.

Slide the Casing Off

Once the sausage is partially thawed, gently slice the casing lengthwise with a sharp knife. Be careful not to cut through the sausage’s meat. You want the sausage to remain in one piece.

Now that the casing is split, you can easily slide it off the sausage meat with your fingers or a knife. Take your time to avoid tearing the sausage inside.

Squeeze and Twist the Sausage

If you are working with natural casings, a different approach is required. Natural casings can be more challenging to remove without tearing, but they can add extra flavor to the sausage.

To remove the casing, start by holding one end of the sausage with one hand and with the other hand, squeeze and twist the sausage in the opposite direction. The sausage will start to loosen from the casing.

If the casing doesn’t come off quickly, try squeezing and twisting again with more pressure this time. You can also use a sharp knife to make a small incision along the side of the casing to help loosen it before squeezing.

Use a Paper Towel

Another trick to help remove stubborn casings is to use a paper towel. Start by dampening a paper towel with some water. Then, wrap it around the sausage and casing tightly.

Using firm pressure, roll the sausage around on the paper towel, applying pressure on all sides. The moisture from the paper towel will start to loosen the casing. Keep rolling until the casing slips off the sausage.

Cook without Removing the Casing

Finally, if all methods fail, you can cook the sausage without removing the casing. The casing is edible, and it can add extra flavor and texture to your dish. However, it is important to note that natural casings can be challenging to chew, so be mindful when taking a bite.

In Conclusion

Removing the casing from sausage can be a challenge, but with these tips, you can easily do it like a pro. Whether you choose to boil, freeze, or use the squeeze and twist method, make sure to handle the sausage delicately to avoid tearing the casing. Remember, the casing is not always an enemy. Sometimes it can add extra flavor and texture to your dish. So, don’t stress too much if the casing doesn’t come off.

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