Effortlessly Remove Color Bleeding from White Clothes with These Tricks

Dealing with color bleeding on your white clothes can be frustrating. It is a common problem that can occur when washing clothes with multiple colors. Once color bleeding occurs, removing it can be challenging, and there is a chance you might end up discarding the cloth. However, there are a few home remedies and products that can help you remove color bleeding from white clothes.

Understand the Cause of Color Bleeding

One of the significant causes of color bleeding is washing your clothes with different colors in a single wash. When you wash different colored clothes together, there is a chance that some of the colors might bleed due to friction. Clothes that bleed color are mostly new, or the dye on the clothes is of poor quality. Clothes that require handwashing are also more likely to bleed color.

Act Fast and Separate the Stained Clothes

Once you notice color bleeding on your white clothes, it is crucial to separate them immediately before the color sets in. Leaving the cloth longer in the washing machine can make it challenging to remove the stain. You should wash the color-bleeding cloth separately to avoid staining other clothes.

Use Salt and Vinegar Mixture

One of the effective home remedies for removing color bleeding from white clothes is the salt and vinegar mixture. To make the mixture, mix equal parts of salt and vinegar, then soak the stained cloth for half an hour. After soaking, wash the cloth with laundry detergent and rinse properly.

Try Bleach

If the salt and vinegar mixture does not work, you can try using bleach. Bleach is a strong chemical that can remove color bleeding from white clothes. However, you should be careful when using bleach, as it can damage some fabrics. It is essential to read the label on the bleach bottle to determine the right amount to use.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent that can help remove color bleeding from white clothes. To use baking soda, add a cup of baking soda to the washing machine while washing the clothes. The baking soda will help lift the stains from the fabric, leaving your clothes clean and white.

Use Commercial Stain Removers

If home remedies do not work, you can turn to commercial stain removers. There are several stain removers available in the market that claim to remove color bleeding from clothes. You can read reviews to find the best stain remover for your clothes. When using stain removers, read the label instructions carefully to avoid damaging the fabric.

Prevent Future Color Bleeding

The best way to deal with color bleeding is to prevent it from happening. You can do this by sorting your clothes based on color before washing. Separate light-colored clothes from dark-colored clothes. If you have many clothes to wash, you can do multiple wash cycles to avoid washing different colored clothes together.

Clean Your Washing Machine Regularly

Another way to prevent color bleeding is to clean your washing machine regularly. Dirt and grime can build up in the washing machine, leading to poor cleaning results. Clean the washing machine with vinegar once a month to kill germs and clean the machine.


Removing color bleeding from white clothes requires a little time and effort. You can use home remedies like salt and vinegar mixtures or baking soda, or turn to commercial stain removers. Once you remove the color from your clothes, it is essential to prevent color bleeding by sorting your clothes before washing. Clean your washing machine regularly to avoid dirt and grime buildup, and to achieve the best cleaning results.

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