Eye makeup is a great way to enhance your appearance and make your eyes pop. Fake eyelashes can add extra oomph to your look, but if you’re not careful, they can also damage your natural lashes. Removing fake eyelashes can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know how to do it properly. In this article, we will discuss how to remove fake eyelash extensions at home safely and effectively.

Why do you need to remove fake eyelashes extensions?

Before we talk about how to remove fake eyelashes extensions, it’s essential to understand why you need to remove them. Fake eyelashes can cause damage to your natural lashes if they are not removed correctly. They can also harbor bacteria, which can lead to eye infections. Additionally, leaving fake eyelashes on for too long can cause irritation and itchiness.

What are the tools that you will need to remove fake eyelashes extensions?

Removing fake eyelashes extensions is easy, and you don’t need many tools to do it. Here are some of the things you will need:

  • Cotton pads or balls
  • Oil-based makeup remover
  • Clean towel or cloth
  • Adhesive remover
  • Clean mascara wand or spoolie brush

How to remove fake eyelashes extensions step by step

Before you start, make sure you have all the tools you need on hand. Here are the steps you should follow to remove fake eyelashes extensions at home:

Step 1: Prepare

Start by preparing your workspace. Lay down a clean towel or cloth on a flat surface and gather all the tools you need. Make sure your hands are clean and dry.

Step 2: Remove eye makeup

Use a cotton pad or ball soaked in oil-based makeup remover to gently wipe away any eye makeup you are wearing. Make sure to be gentle and avoid tugging or pulling on your natural lashes.

Step 3: Apply adhesive remover

Apply a small amount of adhesive remover to a cotton pad or ball. Close your eyes and gently press the cotton pad or ball onto your eyelashes. Make sure to avoid getting the adhesive remover in your eyes.

Step 4: Wait

Wait for the adhesive remover to work, as per the instructions mentioned in the product. Generally, it takes a couple of minutes.

Step 5: Remove the fake eyelashes extensions

Gently tug on the outer corner of the fake eyelash extension with your fingers or use tweezers if it’s easier. You should feel the lash start to loosen. Once you’ve loosened the lash, gently pull it off your eyelid. Make sure to do this slowly and carefully to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

Step 6: Clean the fake eyelashes extensions

Place the fake eyelashes extensions on a clean surface and remove any residual glue with a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush. Once clean, put the fake eyelashes extensions back in their original case to keep them safe and clean for future use.

Aftercare after removing fake eyelashes extensions

Removing fake eyelash extensions can leave your lashes feeling weak and brittle. To avoid damaging your natural lashes, here are some things you should do after removing them:

  • Use a lash conditioner to strengthen and protect your natural lashes.
  • Avoid wearing fake eyelash extensions for an extended period
  • Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes
  • Be gentle when removing eye makeup
  • Avoid using lash curlers or heavy mascara on your natural lashes for a few days
  • Give your natural lashes a break from makeup

Removing fake eyelash extensions at home is easy if you follow the right steps. Remember to be gentle and patient when removing them to avoid damaging your natural lashes. By taking proper care of your lashes after removing the fake eyelashes extensions, you can keep your natural lashes healthy and strong for years to come.

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