Easy Steps for Removing Gel Acrylics at Home

Gel acrylics are the rave everywhere, and it’s no surprise why. The subtle finish, the long-lasting durability and the minimal damage to natural nails make it a perfect choice for all occasions. With that said, the removal process of these nails can be a bit tricky when trying to do it on your own. Some people may opt to go to a salon and let a professional handle it, but if you’re looking to save money or simply prefer home treatments, then this article is for you. Here are some steps to follow to remove gel acrylics safely at home.

Step 1: Gather All Necessary Tools

Before you begin, ensure that you have all the essential tools to make the process of removing your gel acrylics easy. You will need the following:

  • Acetone polish remover
  • Cotton balls or pads
  • Tin foil
  • A nail file
  • An orange stick or cuticle pusher
  • A buffer block

It is best to have these items in your possession before you begin your removal process.

Step 2: File Down Your Gel Acrylics

Take your nail file and buffer and remove any shiny top layer that may present on the gel acrylics. Make sure not to file too hard as it may damage the natural nail bed. This process will help the acetone penetrate the gel and make it easier to remove.

Step 3: Prepare Tin Foils

Take some tin foil and cut it into tiny squares that can wrap around your nails. Ensure that the foil is big enough to cover the entire length of your nail so that the acetone doesn’t evaporate during the soak-off process.

Step 4: Soak Your Nails In Acetone

Take your cotton balls or pads and soak them in acetone polish remover then place them on each nail. Make sure that each cotton ball or pad is soaked as dry cotton balls will not dissolve the gel completely. Place the tin foil firmly over each finger to secure the cotton pad in place. Leave the foils wrapped around the nails for 20-30 minutes to allow the acetone to dissolve the gel acrylics.

Step 5: Remove The Gel

After the 20-30 minutes, remove the tin foil and cotton balls. Be careful not to pull off the tin foil as it may damage natural nails. Use an orange stick or cuticle pusher to lift the loose gel from the nail bed. If some parts refuse to come off, replace the foil and leave for more time. Continue this process until all gel acrylics are removed.

Step 6: Buff and Moisturize

Gently buff your nails to remove any remains of the acrylics or gel on natural nails. Once you are done, ensure that you moisturize your nails and cuticles with a good oil or lotion. This will replace the moisture lost during the removal process and keep your nails healthy and strong.

Step 7: Clean Your Tools

After the process is complete, ensure that you clean your tools with warm soapy water to remove any traces of acetone or gel acrylics. Dry your tools and store them in a clean place for your next removal session.

Removing gel acrylics safely at home is a great alternative to costly nail salon visits. With the outlined steps above, you can undertake this simple process at home. Remember to take your time and be gentle to avoid damaging your natural nails. Don’t forget to moisturize your nails after removing the gel acrylics; this will help promote healthy nails. Also, ensure that you clean your tools correctly and store them in a clean, dry place.

We hope this article helps you remove your gel acrylics safely and efficiently. With these steps, you can be confident that you can remove your gel acrylics without harming your natural nails. Always remember to be patient and gentle throughout the process. Happy DIY nail removal!

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