Effortlessly Remove Materia in FFXIV with These Simple Steps

As a player of Final Fantasy XIV, you may find yourself in a situation where you have unwanted materia attached to your items and you need to remove it. Materia is used to enhance your gear and can be attached to any compatible item in your inventory. However, if you wish to replace the materia with a different one or if you want to sell or trade the item, you will need to remove the existing materia. This guide will show you how to remove materia in FFXIV.

Identifying the Materia

The first step in removing materia from an item is to identify the materia that is currently attached. You can do this by examining the item in your inventory or by using the search function to look for the materia. Once you have identified the materia, you can decide whether to keep it or remove it. If you want to remove it, you will need to use a specific tool called a “Materia Removal Tool”.

Obtaining the Materia Removal Tool

The Materia Removal Tool is a special item that is used to remove materia from equipment. You can purchase this tool from a vendor called “Material Supplier” in any major city or town. The cost of the tool is 80,000 gil, so make sure you have enough currency before attempting to buy one. The tool is a one-time use item and will disappear after you use it, so make sure you have the right piece of equipment before using it.

Removing the Materia

Once you have obtained the Materia Removal Tool, you can use it to remove the materia from the equipment. To do this, simply select the piece of equipment that has the materia you want to remove and use the tool. A confirmation window will appear asking if you want to remove the materia. Select “Yes” to confirm the removal, and the materia will be removed from the equipment and placed back into your inventory.

Replacing the Materia

If you want to replace the removed materia with a different one, you can simply attach it to the equipment using the same process as before. Make sure that the equipment has a compatible materia slot and that you have the proper materia in your inventory. Select the equipment and choose the “Attach Materia” option. Select the desired materia from your inventory and confirm the attachment.

Selling or Trading the Equipment

If you want to sell or trade the equipment that had the materia attached, you should check to see if the removed materia is valuable or in high demand. Some materia can be quite expensive, and you can sell them on the market board for a profit. To do this, list the materia for sale and set the price based on current market values.


Removing materia from equipment in Final Fantasy XIV is a simple process that can be done using a Materia Removal Tool. Once you have identified the materia and obtained the tool, simply select the equipment and remove the materia. If you want to replace the materia or sell it, make sure you have the proper tools and information to do so. By following these steps, you can efficiently manage your materia and gear in FFXIV.

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