Easy Ways to Remove NPC Aggro in Elden Ring

As an avid player of Elden Ring, there is nothing more frustrating than getting killed by an NPC enemy’s sudden and unprovoked aggro. Whether you’re trying to explore a new area or complete a quest, this can seriously hinder your progress. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to prevent NPCs from attacking you on sight. In this article, we’ll explore ways to remove NPC aggro in Elden Ring.

Understanding NPCs, Aggro, and Player Behavior

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a moment to understand the basics of NPCs, aggro, and player behavior. Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are computer-controlled characters that exist in the world of Elden Ring. These NPCs can be friendly, neutral, or hostile towards the player character. Aggro, short for Aggression, is a state in which hostile NPCs will attack the player character on sight. This can happen if the player character enters the NPC’s territory, attacks them first or if they’re angered.

It’s important to note that certain player behaviors can affect NPC aggro. For example, if the player character attacks or kills a friendly NPC, the aggro will be activated in any nearby NPCs that are aligned with the slain NPC. Additionally, some NPCs are naturally more aggressive than others and may have a larger aggro radius. With that said, let’s take a look at how you can remove aggro from hostile NPCs in Elden Ring.

Use a “Pacifying Agent”

One of the easiest ways to remove aggro from hostile NPCs in Elden Ring is to use a “Pacifying Agent.” This item can be acquired by killing certain enemies or found in various locations around the world. Once you have a Pacifying Agent, simply use it while near a hostile NPC, and they will become pacified. This will not permanently remove aggro and will only last for a short amount of time, but it can be useful in certain situations.

Kill the NPC

If all else fails, sometimes the only way to remove aggro from an NPC is to kill them. This is obviously not a recommended solution for friendly NPCs but can be the only solution for hostile ones. If you’re not confident in your combat skills or just don’t want to fight the NPC, you can always try sneaking past them instead. Just be careful not to get caught!

Use the “Ring of Deception”

Another item that can be useful for avoiding aggro from NPCs is the “Ring of Deception.” This ring can be equipt only under certain conditions, and It will make the player’s character invisible to NPCs that are in aggro range. However, this item has limited charges, so it’s best used sparingly.

Leave the Area and Return Later

Occasionally, aggro from NPCs will dissipate if the player character leaves the area and returns later. This can happen naturally after a certain amount of time or by other triggers like finishing a quest. If you’re stuck and don’t know how to deal with a hostile NPC, leaving the area for a change of pace might be the solution you need.

Never Return

If all else fails and you don’t want to deal with the NPC anymore, you can always choose not to come back to that particular area. It’s important to remember that some quests have various approaches, so there may be other ways to achieve your goals, or it may just not be worth the effort involved.

End Words

Dealing with NPC aggro in Elden Ring can be frustrating, but there are ways to manage it. Whether you choose to use a Pacifying Agent, kill the NPC, or try a more stealthy approach, there are always alternatives that can be explored. Note that some NPCs can’t be avoided or managed, but don’t let this deter you from your adventure, as Elden Ring still offers plenty of exploration and hidden paths to be discovered.

On the end note, it’s important to have a sense of respect towards the NPCs as they can offer insights, quests, or lore to the player character’s journey. Nonetheless, aggressive urges can happen, and managing aggro will inevitably be necessary. Always double-check for possible pacifist solutions as they could lead to unique storylines or even rewards that a brute-force approach might not offer.

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