Simple Steps to Remove Your Resume from LinkedIn in 2021

If you are someone actively looking for job opportunities, the chances are that you have a profile on LinkedIn. And, LinkedIn is one of the best job search platforms you can use today. But here’s a concern that most of you may have come across – once you upload your resume on LinkedIn, how can you remove it? In this article, we’ll talk about just that- how to remove your resume from LinkedIn.

Why Would You Want to Remove Your Resume from LinkedIn?

Before we get into the process of removing your resume from LinkedIn, you should know the reasons why you might need to take this action. There could be several reasons why you would want to remove your resume from LinkedIn, such as:

  • You have multiple resumes uploaded on LinkedIn and would like to delete a few of them
  • You’ve accidently uploaded a wrong resume
  • You would like to keep your resume private for certain reasons
  • You’ve decided to make some changes to your resume and would like to update it before uploading it again

Regardless of the reason, removing your resume from LinkedIn is pretty simple and quick.

How to Remove Your Resume from LinkedIn

So, how can you remove your resume from LinkedIn? Follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Login to your LinkedIn account and navigate to your profile page
  • Click on the “Me” icon in the top right corner
  • From the drop-down, select “View Profile”
  • Scroll down to the “Featured” section
  • Click on the “More” icon in front of the resume you want to remove, and click on “Remove from Featured”
  • You’ll now see that the resume is no longer visible in the “Featured” section
  • If you’d like to remove the resume permanently, go to the “Accomplishments” section and click on “Licenses and Certifications” or “Publications” based on where you uploaded your resume
  • Remove the resume from the “Media” section by clicking on the “Delete” icon

And that’s it! Your resume is now permanently removed from LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase your skills and get discovered by potential employers. However, if you’ve uploaded multiple resumes and would now like to remove a few or have accidentally uploaded the wrong resume, or would like to keep your resume private, it can be easily removed from LinkedIn by following the steps we’ve mentioned above.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to showcase your best and most updated resume to attract the right employers and job opportunities. So, take some time to review and update your resume before uploading it on LinkedIn or any other job search platforms.

This is all from us on how to remove your resume from LinkedIn. If there’s anything you’d like to add, let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends or colleagues who might find it helpful!

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