If you have ever had a piece of threadless jewelry, you know that it can be difficult to remove it. But, don’t worry! In this article, we will cover the steps you need to follow to remove threadless jewelry without causing damage to your skin.

What is Threadless Jewelry?

Threadless jewelry is a type of jewelry that does not use threads or screws to hold the decorative end in place. Instead, it relies on pressure and friction between the decorative end and the post that goes through your piercing. The pressure is created by a small notch on the decorative end that clicks into place on the post.

Threadless jewelry is becoming more and more popular among people with piercings because it is easy to change and gives a lot of flexibility in how you style your piercings. However, sometimes, removing threadless jewelry can be a little tricky, which is why we have created this guide.

What You Will Need

Before we jump into the steps, here are a few things that you will need when removing threadless jewelry:

  • Clean hands or gloves
  • Alcohol swabs
  • A flat object, such as a credit card or spatula
  • A towel or tissue to catch the jewelry if it falls out

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to safely remove your threadless jewelry:

Step 1: Clean Your Hands

It is crucial to start with clean hands when you are handling your piercings. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or use gloves if you have them, to ensure that your hands are free from dirt and bacteria.

Step 2: Disinfect the Jewelry

Using an alcohol swab, disinfect the jewelry and the area around your piercing. This step will help prevent any infections during the removal process.

Step 3: Use a Flat Object

Take a flat object, such as a credit card or spatula. Hold the decorative end of the jewelry with one hand and use the flat object with your other hand. Place the flat object on the back of the decorative end, opposite to where the post enters the decorative end. Push down gently with the flat object while pulling the decorative end upwards.

Step 4: Beware of the Jewelry

Be careful when you are removing the jewelry. Sometimes, the decorative end might pop off suddenly, and you do not want it to fall and get lost. So, make sure you have a towel or tissue to catch the jewelry if it falls out.

Step 5: Remove the Post

Once you have removed the decorative end, you can now remove the post. Grasp the post with one hand and gently pull it out of the piercing hole. Be careful not to use too much force, as this can cause damage to your skin.

Step 6: Clean the Piercing Hole

After you have removed the jewelry, clean the piercing hole with an alcohol swab. It is important to keep the piercing hole as clean as possible to prevent any infections.

Removing threadless jewelry may seem daunting at first, but it is a simple process once you get the hang of it. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can safely and easily remove your threadless jewelry without causing any harm to your skin or losing the jewelry.

Always remember to use clean hands, disinfect the jewelry and piercing hole, and be gentle when removing the jewelry. With these steps, you are on your way to enjoying hassle-free threadless jewelry changes.

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