Effortlessly Remove Tokens from League with These Quick Tips

Are you tired of seeing tokens clutter your League of Legends account? Tokens are rewards you receive for participating in various events, and they can quickly accumulate. You might be wondering how to remove tokens league since they serve no purpose once you’ve obtained all the event rewards. Fortunately, removing them is simple and quick, and we’re here to show you how.

The Benefits of Removing Tokens

There are several compelling reasons to remove tokens league, aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits of decluttering your account. Firstly, having tokens can be distracting and potentially strain the performance of your computer. Additionally, the accumulation of unused tokens can cause anxiety for some players who prefer a tidier account. Secondly, having them in your account could serve as a reminder of missed opportunities or uncompleted events which some players might find discouraging. Lastly, if you have token caps in place, then removing some of these tokens might eventually mean you won’t exceed future token acquisition limits.

On the flip side, some players prefer to keep their tokens for future events that might require them. Before deciding to remove them, it’s always a good idea to assess whether or not keeping them would be beneficial for you. However, if you’ve made up your mind, read on to find out how to remove tokens league.

Removing Tokens from Your Account

The first step in removing tokens from your League of Legends account is to visit the official League of Legends website. Once you’ve accessed the website, log in to your account using your existing account credentials. After signing in to your account, navigate to the “Store” section of the website.

Here you will have access to a myriad of options, including things like buying champions, skins, and summoner icons. Scroll down until you see the “Essence Emporium” tab. This tab offers various store items you can purchase using dust and tokens. This is where you can use your excess tokens to buy chromas or borders for champions, emotes, or icons. Once you’ve found something to buy, click the purchase button. The dialogue will open that will allow you to purchase the item with your accumulated tokens. After you’ve completed your purchase, the tokens you used to buy the item will automatically be removed from your account.

Organizing Your Account

Aside from removing tokens, there are other ways to organize your account to make it look less cluttered. First, you can arrange your champions by unlocking their skins, which can be done by acquiring them through various in-game events or purchasing them from the shop. That way, when you go to select a champion to play a game, you’ll be presented with a list of champions ordered by the number of available skins. This helps you prioritize your favorite champions and see them easily and neatly.

You could also use filters to sort summoner icons, wards skins, and spell effects. Sorting by themes, categories, or events can be extremely helpful for decluttering your account and making your skins and icons easier to navigate.


Removing tokens league can be a positive move for your account’s organization, and it’s much easier than it appears. All you have to do is visit the League of Legends website and navigate to the “Essence Emporium” tab in the store. From there, purchase an item using your excess tokens, and the tokens you used to buy the item will be automatically removed from your account. You can also use the above methods in conjunction with each other to make your account sleeker and more organized, allowing you to easily find your favorite skins, icons, and more.

Decluttering your account can be a soothing and satisfying activity, so get started now and enjoy a more organized and refreshing gaming experience.

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