If you’ve ever played Skyrim, you know how frustrating it is to become a vampire. The constant thirst for blood, inability to roam around during the day, and the risk of being attacked by vampire hunters all create a challenging gameplay experience. Thankfully, you can cure yourself of vampirism and return to your normal life in Skyrim. In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to remove vampire in Skyrim.

What is Vampirism?

Vampirism is a condition in Skyrim that makes you a vampire. This usually happens when a vampire attacks and infects you with Sanguinare Vampiris. At first, you might not even realize that you’re becoming a vampire, but as time passes, you’ll start to experience some of the common symptoms of vampirism.

Firstly, your character will become immune to all diseases in Skyrim, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage. Secondly, you’ll start to develop an insatiable thirst for blood. The longer you go without feeding, the weaker your character becomes in sunlight, which can be a significant disadvantage when it comes to fights.

Becoming a vampire in Skyrim also comes with its perks. You’ll become more resistant to frost and gain the power to transform into a Vampire Lord. You can use this transformation to your advantage when fighting against enemies, especially since it looks pretty cool when transforming.

Why Remove Vampirism?

Although vampirism has its advantages in Skyrim, many players find it challenging to play as a vampire. Being sensitive to sunlight, increased hunger for blood, and the constant attacks from vampire hunters can make the gameplay experience frustrating. Additionally, if you’re playing a role-playing character, being a vampire may not fit into your character’s personality or backstory. For these reasons, it’s often a good idea to remove vampirism in Skyrim.

How to Remove Vampirism?

Removing vampirism in Skyrim is easier than you might think. However, it requires you to participate in a quest that can be quite challenging. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove vampirism in Skyrim:

Step 1: Speak to Falion in Morthal

The first step in removing vampirism in Skyrim is to speak to Falion in Morthal. You can find this town in the swamps of the Hjaalmarch Hold. Falion is an expert in the area of vampirism and will be able to help you cure yourself. The easiest way to reach Morthal is by fast-traveling to any nearby location and following the map to Morthal.

Step 2: Obtain a Black Soul Gem

Next, you’ll need a black soul gem to remove vampirism. You can buy a black soul gem or find one in the game world. The easiest way to get one is to buy it from an enchanting store. If you don’t have enough gold to make the purchase, you can try looting caves and other locations to find one.

Step 3: Catch a Lesser Soul

After obtaining a black soul gem, you’ll need to fill it with a lesser soul. You can use Soul Trap or any other spell that captures a soul. Once you’ve got a lesser soul, approach the black soul gem and activate it. This will fill the black soul gem with the lesser soul.

Step 4: Meet Falion at Dawn

After completing the previous steps, the final step is to meet Falion at dawn for the actual cure. This means you’ll have to wait outside of a building in Morthal until dawn breaks. Once Falion meets you, he’ll ask you to follow him to a specific location, where the cure will take place.

Step 5: Perform the Ritual

When you arrive at the location with Falion, he’ll ask you to perform a ritual to cure your vampirism. The ritual requires you to stand in a circle of fire and read some incantations while holding the black soul gem. Falion will guide you through the incantations and the steps required to complete the process. Once the ritual is complete, you’ll be cured of your vampirism, and you’ll return to your normal self.

Removing vampirism in Skyrim is a challenging but rewarding process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to remove vampirism from your character and return to your normal life in Skyrim. If you’re tired of being a vampire and the challenges that come with it, it’s a good idea to get a cure.

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